I Get It

Just because you are an artist, maker or crafter, it doesn’t mean you know your way around a Content Management System or how to adjust the colour balance on an image in Photoshop, or even where to purchase a website domain.

I totally get it! As a maker myself, I know how overwhelming “setting up shop” can really be. In addition to producing your collections, you also need to think about a logo, signs, banners, business cards, labels, tags and oh boy, an online shop and a social media presence. You may be great at the wheel or an ace metalsmith but organizing this type of stuff isn’t exactly what you signed up for.

That’s where Maker Flair Labs can lend a helping hand.

I’ll hold your hand through the seemingly impossible and confusing maze of things to do, have or build.

  • Don’t own your website domain? I can help you!
  • Need a logo and some labels? I can help you!
  • Need a banner to stand out at your next market or fair? I can help you!
  • Need to set up an online shop for all your stock? Yep, that too!
  • Don’t know the first thing about social media and how to use it for your business? I’ll be there for you too!